Slavi Trifonov

Top Bulgarian Entertainer Denounces TV 'Censorship' as Show Cancelled

A prominent entertainer and TV host Slavi Trifonov called a press conference on Tuesday, accusing his media partner bTV of censorship.

Private broadcaster bTV cancelled Trifonov's TV show on Monday after he publicly gave an ultimatum to Bulgaria's 44th National Assembly, demanding that the results of a November 2016 referendum be enforced.

Slavi Trifonov: I Am Being Subjected to Censorship

TV show host Slavi Trifonov claims that he is being subjected to censorship due to the fact that his show on Monday evening was taken off air by bTV. Instead of last night's edition, the TV channel aired an older edition of the show. Earlier on Monday, the showman circulated an open letter to politicians reminding them of the referendum organised by him last year.

Slavi Trifonov to Politicians: I Give You Two Weeks

A few hours after the first official results from the snap parliamentary elections became known, TV show host Slavi Trifonov threatened the new Parliament with protests unless, in two weeks, it starts working on amendments to the Electoral Code related to the referendum initiated by his team on mandatory voting, a majoritarian system and reduction of party subsidies.

Bulgaria's Chief Prosecutor Insists Voting System Referendum 'Is Mandatory'

Bulgarian Chief Prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov has spoken out against a move of the country's election authorities to declare "non-binding" a referendum on the election system of the country.

Turnout in the national poll, conducted in November, fell short of just over 12 000 votes that would have made its result obligatory.

Bulgaria Chief Prosecutor to Meet TV Show Host over Referendum

Bulgarian Chief Prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov will meet popular talk show host Slavi Trifonov on Monday to discuss the latter's claims of violations in the referendum held as months.

Trifonov, whose show launched the three-issue referendum (initially with six questions), has called into question the legitimacy of electoral authorities' decision that the poll is non-binding.

Bulgaria TV Show Host 'Yet to Decide' on Founding Party after Referendum

Bulgarian talkshow host Slavi Trifonov has said it "will depend on circumstances" whether or not he will set up a party after a referendum held along with the presidential elections.

Following the three-question referendum on the voting system, Trifonov has told the media his referendum proves the status quo can be changed.