Talat Xhaferi

North Macedonia parliament OKs caretaker cabinet with first-ever ethnic Albanian PM

North Macedonia's parliament on Sunday approved a caretaker government with a mandate to organize a general election in May.

The government of the small Balkan country of 1.8 million people will be headed by the country's first-ever ethnic Albanian prime minister, current parliament speaker Talat Xhaferi, 61.

Milestone Moment: North Macedonia Appoints First Albanian Prime Minister

In a historic turn of events, North Macedonia is set to have its first-ever Albanian prime minister. Today, the parliament will convene for an extraordinary meeting to vote on the caretaker government responsible for organizing the upcoming spring elections in the country.

Bulgarian Speaker of Parliament: North Macedonia should Not Waste Time but should fulfill the Criteria for EU Membership

"Bulgaria believes that the Republic of North Macedonia will be a full member of the European Union based on its own contribution. We believe that they will fulfill the conditions of membership and should not waste time, because the worst thing is to waste time that will turn into skepticism.

North Macedonia’s President: Only Macedonians with Low Self-Esteem are Afraid of "Bulgarianization"

"The threat of 'Bulgarianization' is a fiction of the opposition with the aim of instilling fear among Macedonians", believes the president of our southwestern neighbor, Stevo Pendarovski. He announced this in an interview with the local publication "Trilling".

North Macedonia PM Tests Strength in Sudden Confidence Vote

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on Wednesday unexpectedly asked North Macedonia's parliament to take an immediate vote of confidence in his cabinet after the main opposition right-wing VMRO DPMNE party claimed Zaev's wafer-thin majority in parliament was shaky, and that it could soon muster enough support to topple him.

The President of Northern Macedonia has Declared a State of Emergency

Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski has declared a state of emergency throughout Northern Macedonia, BGNES reported.

In a statement to the nation, Pendarovski said this was necessary to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski called on parliament to declare a state of emergency because of the spread of COVID-19 at noon today.