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Latest poll: ND leads SYRIZA by 13%

Major opposition party New Democracy (ND) holds a 13% point lead over ruling leftist party SYRIZA in the latest poll conducted by the University of Macedonia (PAMAK). The results aired on Skai TV’s Monday night main news bulletin, showed that 30.5% of those asked preferred ND, compared to 17.5% who said they liked SYRIZA.

New Democracy calls on Defence Minister Panos Kammenos to come clean on alleged presence at London casino

The main opposition party of New Democracy (ND) is asking for explanations by Defence Minister Panos Kammenos and Greek PM Alexis Tsipras for the alleged presence of the Minister at a casino during his trip to London.

In an statement to Parapolitika newspaper that revealed the case, they comment: “Is Mr. Kamnemos aware of what he is doing? We look forward to his apology on Monday”.

New Democracy: No more support in Parliament

A swift change of strategy by New Democracy. A swift change of strategy within Parliament. The main opposition party will vote no in all upcoming Bills in Parliament, if ANEL, as a government partner, does not support the Government. To this date, New Democracy voted in favor of whatever it deemed proper and beneficial for the country. This stance will from now on be a thing of the past.

ND on 2 parcel bomb attacks: Attempts to link us to target party will fail

Greece’s major opposition party New Democracy (ND) released a statement regarding the two parcel bomb attacks against European and IMF officials in the past two days stressing Greece’s international image had been seriously damaged. The statement alleged the two incidents attempted to frame ND by linking the two parcel bomb senders to the conservative party.

Officers accused of letting criminals use army ranges, arms

The Military Trade Union has filed criminal complaints against a brigadier general and a lieutenant colonel, named with their initials as V.Z. and N.D.

The pair are accused of abusing their official position to allow persons from "the criminogenic environment" to use army's shooting ranges and ammunition.

As gov't, ND clash over Paris trip, L'Oreal confirms meeting with PM

As officials of the government and the main opposition New Democracy continued to trade barbs over allegations by ND that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras used the prime ministerial jet for a private visit to Paris, a spokesperson for L'Oréal told Kathimerini that Tsipras had a "private" meeting with L'Oréal Paris executives.