Northern Territory

Australia's Northern Territory To Be Closed to Visitors For a Further 18 Months

Australia's Northern Territory will be closed to visitors from virus hotspots for a further 18 months to protect its large and vulnerable Aboriginal population, authorities said Tuesday.

The sparsely populated northern region is home to roughly 250,000 people -- 30 per cent of whom are Aboriginal -- according to government figures.

Istanbul University to pay compensation to girl who lost her mother due to wrong blood transfusion

A court in Istanbul has ruled Istanbul University to pay compensation to a girl whose mother died after she received wrong blood transfusion during a caesarean section surgery at the university's Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty Hospital in 2013. 

Escaped pet monkey attacks six-year-old boy in Istanbul park

A pet monkey escaped from a balcony of a house and attacked children playing in a park in the Fatih district of Istanbul on Sept. 22.

The monkey bit a six-year-old child in the park, inflicting serious injuries and prompting his mother to file a complaint against the owner of the monkey.