Attacker tears down cross at Armenian church in Istanbul

An unidentified attacker has dismantled a cross outside an Armenian church in Istanbul's historical Kuzguncuk neighborhood.
Security footage delivered to the police showed the attack occurred on May 23 in the Üsküdar district, according to a statement made by the Surp Krikor Lusaroviç Armenian Church.

Storm and rainfall hit western Turkey

The southwestern wind, which began on Dec. 22, continues to impact various cities in Turkey, especially Istanbul.

Due to the strong wind that turned into a storm from time-to-time, giant waves have lashed the coast of Üsküdar district, and sea transportation was hampered in the Bosphorus Strait and Marmara Sea.

Underwater pedestrian tunnel crossing Istanbul's Bosphorus to go out to tender

An underwater pedestrian tunnel connecting Istanbul's European and Asian sides will go out to tender on March 27. 

The two-kilometers tunnel, with a diameter between 12 and 15 meters, will connect the Kabataş district on the European side to Üsküdar district on the Asian side and will include moving walkways as well as bicycle and electric vehicle lanes. 

VIDEO: Heavy rain fills Istanbul's central Taksim tunnel, floods Üsküdar

Heavy rain in Istanbul affected sites on the European and Anatolian sides of Istanbul, filling a newly built tunnel in Taksim and flooding Üsküdar district.

The tunnel in Istanbul?s touristic Taksim district, which was recently built as part of the controversial Taksim pedestrianization project, was flooded following a day of heavy rain.