Aegean Airlines

Kos to receive 2.5 mln euros in disaster relief

The southeastern Aegean island of Kos will receive aid amounting to 2.5 million euros after the European Commission proposed the disbursement of funds totaling 34 million euros from the European Union Solidarity Fund (EUSF) to help member-states Greece, Poland, Lithuania and Bulgaria that were struck by natural disasters in 2017.

Rise in traffic, seat occupancy rate contains Aegean's losses

The increase in passenger traffic and the strengthening of the seat occupancy rate during the traditionally weak first quarter of the year served to limit the Aegean Air group's losses.

The carrier's turnover grew 9 percent year-on-year in the January-March period to reach 165.4 million euros, while passenger traffic climbed 12 percent to 2.4 million.

Upgrading Greece's F-16 fighters

Turkey's behavior in the Aegean makes the improvement of Greece's defense capabilities increasingly urgent, starting from the upgrade of the F-16 fighter jets.

The upgrade is also considered imperative by the conservative opposition which, for its part, should ensure there is full transparency in the relevant agreement should it be signed.

More Turkish overflights keeping Athens on edge

The decision to fire warning shots at a Turkish helicopter near the Aegean islet of Ro on Monday was, according to a government source, a message to Ankara that despite its strategy of non-escalation, Athens is also determined to defend its sovereign rights. Greece, the same source said, must demonstrate that there are limits to what it will tolerate within its territory.

Turkish overflights in the Aegean continue

Turkish overflights in the Aegean continued on Wednesday with two F-4 fighter jets entering Athens's Flight Information Region (FIR), without submitting a flight plan, according to Greek military authorities.

The aircraft entered Athens's FIR at 2.50 p.m., flying over Panagia and Oinousses in the eastern Aegean at an altitude of 12,500 feet, authorities said.