Labena Ventures to foster biotech, pharmacy and healthcare ideas

Labena, a Ljubljana-based family-run business, is launching a new platform to link start-up companies and disruptive ideas with venture capital and investment funds in medicine, biotechnology and the food and pharmaceutical industries. More than €100 million will be available, with applications expected from 14 March.

A German virologist raised his voice: Stop getting vaccinated every three months

In Germany, people over the age of 60 can be vaccinated against the coronavirus for the fourth time. However, Essen virologist Ulf Dittmer warns that too frequent vaccinations could alter the immune system and harm it.
Virologist Dittmer advises against getting vaccinated every three months to avoid mask or test requirements.

Bulgaria’s Health Minister: We are Shortening the Quarantine for both Vaccinated and Non-Vaccinated

"The virus type and mutation are different compared to previous waves. That is why an expert council takes adequate measures week by week, in order for them to not apply for a whole month."

This is what the Acting Minister of Health, Dr. Asen Medzhidiev explained to BNR regarding the current situation with the coronavirus.