Baby at center of legal battle dies

A terminally ill baby at the center of a legal battle involving her parents, British health officials and the Italian government has died, a group supporting her family said Monday.

Christian Concern said Indi Gregory died in a hospice on Monday morning after her life support was withdrawn on Sunday.

Volos nursing home evacuated after wing collapses; no injuries reported

A nursing home in Volos is being evacuated after a wing of the building collapsed as Storm Daniel continues to pound the region.

According to a board member of the nursing home, which accommodates 94 elderly residents, no one was in the affected wing when it collapsed after an adjacent river burst its banks.

Clearer responsibilities

The first step in safeguarding the public character of the country's beaches would be the clear delineation of responsibilities.

The measures unveiled by the government, aimed at streamlining the framework for concessions and inspections, serve as a crucial precondition for promptly detecting unauthorized activities.  

Nursing home owner arrested on Crete

A 60-year-old owner of a nursing home on Crete has been arrested following a search of the facility.

Acting on complaints about the living conditions in the home, the lack of cleanliness, lack of supervision as well as the bad conditions of the building, police visited the institution, which is located in Iraklio, on Tuesday morning.

Foreign caregivers become harder to find due to pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic and sudden jump in exchange rates have put Turkish families behind the eight ball since foreign babysitters and housekeepers are paid mostly with dollars.

Finding an affordable babysitter in Istanbul has become what can be called a gladiatorial experience for new families as they would like to have a live-in nanny due to the pandemic.

Delo fears better pay for care workers will increase care home bills

Ljubljana – The government and trade unions have reached a deal to raise wages for nursing staff in health care and social care under which some 80% of the staff will see their wages rise by 4-24%, Delo says on Saturday. It fears, however, that higher wages will translate into higher bills for care services paid by care home residents.