Livestock markets closed as foot-and-mouth disease spreads

Livestock markets in the provinces of Samsun, Denizli, Diyarbakır and Siirt have been closed as a precautionary measure due to the spread of the SAT-2 serotype foot-and-mouth disease of cattle in Türkiye.

Foot and mouth disease is once again on the agenda of Türkiye, deeply affecting the livestock industry.

Greek livestock breeders: Pressures to reduce the price of cow’s milk

The efforts of dairy companies to reduce the price of cow's milk to farmers at the same time as the price of it available on the "shelf" of supermarkets continues to rise, are brought to the fore by the Greek Holstein Breed Association and the Hellenic Livestock Association (SEK).

Man saves calf with kiss of life

A shepherd in the Black Sea province of Tokat has saved the life of a newborn calf that was unable to breathe after being born by administering CPR, giving it the kiss of life.
According to footage taken by a mobile phone and uploaded on social media, one of the cows of Şahbaz Gül, a shepherd living in the Kapıcı village of the Almus district, gave birth to a calf.

Valentine's Day calf helps Turkish woman start farm

Nuriye Kayalı chose a calf over a diamond ring for Valentine's Day present 10 years ago. Now, she owns a farm.

"I thought I would lose the ring while working on the farm. A calf, on the other hand, was a window of opportunity," the 42-year-old woman told Anadolu Agency.

She now owns a farm of 30 cows which she calls 'love'.