Hamas Agrees to UN Ceasefire Plan, Awaits US Pressure on Israel

Hamas has announced its acceptance of the UN Security Council's ceasefire resolution for the Gaza Strip and is prepared to negotiate the details. Sami Abu Zuhri, a senior representative of the Palestinian Islamist movement, conveyed this information to Reuters. Zuhri underscored that it is now up to Washington to ensure that Israel adheres to the resolution.

Breakthrough: Israel Accepts Biden's Gaza Plan

Israel has agreed to the proposed ceasefire framework presented by US President Joe Biden to end the conflict in Gaza. Despite labeling it as "flawed" and requiring some modifications, Israel's acceptance was confirmed by Ophir Falk, the chief foreign policy adviser to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, during an interview with the Sunday Times.

Biden pushes new plan for Gaza truce, Hamas responds positively

U.S. President Joe Biden said Friday that Israel had offered a new roadmap towards a permanent peace in Gaza, which Hamas said it "considers positively."

In his first major address outlining a solution to the conflict, Biden said the three-phase proposal starts with a six-week complete ceasefire that would see Israeli forces withdraw from all populated areas of Gaza.

US Pushes UN for Gaza Ceasefire Tied to Hostage Release

The US has presented a draft resolution to the UN Security Council urging for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, tied to the release of hostages. Secretary of State Antony Blinken revealed the initiative during an interview with Saudi media, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing civilian protection and humanitarian aid delivery amid the conflict between Israel and Hamas.