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Central Electoral Commission: GERB Gets 32.61% as 87% of Votes Counted

A total of 87.329% of the votes have been processed as of 7.45 a.m. Monday.

The results are the following: GERB leads with 32.61%. Second comes the Socialist party (BSP) with 15.27%, followed by DPS - 14.96%, Reformist bloc - 8.87%.

The Patriotic Front has so far received 7.32% of the votes, Bulgaria without Censorship gets 5.58%, Ataka - 4.56%, and ABV - 4.18%.

98% Gallup Parallel Tabulation: DPS Close To Becoming Second Power

A parallel tabulation of 98% of the votes, done by the Gallup agency and quoted by the BNT national broadcaster, shows that the ethnic Movement for Rights And Freedoms (DPS) is very close to becoming the second largest party in Bulgaria's Parliament.

According to the latest data, the Bulgarian Socialist Party gets 15.5% of the votes, while DPS gets 15.2%.

GERB Supported by Young People, University Graduates

Center-right GERB, to which all exit polls ascribed victory in Sunday's early elections, enjoys support from most categories of age and education, data by pollsters Alpha Research and Gallup shows.

Both agencies were the first sources of exit polls at 19:00 EEST, when the ban on announcing preliminary results was lifted.

Bulgaria’s Reformist Bloc Vows to Back Policies, Not Party Leaders

Bulgaria's Reformist Bloc (RB) will support policies rather than parties or their leaders in possible talks on entering a government coalition, a leading RB member said on Sunday.

Bulgaria held early parliamentrary elections on Sunday, in which centre-right GERB party led by former Prime Minister Boyko Borisov won most votes but remained short of overall majority.