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Gov’t plans to discuss changes in electoral law with parties, says minister

The Turkish government is planning to discuss some "essential changes" in the country's electoral law with all political parties, Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gül said on June 15.

Speaking in an interview with state-run Anadolu Agency, Gül said that the government is approaching all issues by thinking how the matter will affect democracy, the rule of law and the nation's common will.

Reporting Democracy Report Warns of ‘Democratic Emergency’ in Region

Democracy is deteriorating across Central Europe and the Balkans says "Democracy after Coronavirus", the first annual trends report published on Thursday by Reporting Democracy, a cross-border journalistic platform run by BIRN, a leading regional non-profit media network.

‘Marshall Plan,’ Merkel method

Times like these test leaders. In a world full of fear and noise, a small group is called upon to take decisions that will determine the fate of their people. No one was elected on the basis of their program for dealing with a pandemic but their legacy will depend on how they handled this threat to all of us. Their decisions will either alleviate the damage or compound it.

Blackmail must not pass

Greece's politicians are behaving as if the state is powerless. As if the democratically elected government has no institutional superiority to fight the vested interests that want to assume the role of the state within the state in a variety of fields, from business to sports.

ASOEE academics issue petition calling for stop to lawlessness

In a joint petition issued on Saturday, 100 academics at the Athens University of Economics and Business (ASOEE), which was the scene of a tense standoff between police and far-left demonstrators last Monday, called for "institutional changes and structured actions aimed at the smooth functioning and upgrading of the Greek state university."

A better world requires new engaging agoras

I was lucky enough to be able to attend this year's Athens Democracy Forum held in association with The New York Times in the shadow of the Acropolis, in the "cradle of democracy." For three days I got to hear from politicians, entrepreneurs, and civil society leaders that democracy as we have come to know it is under stress.

A clear result

The outcome is clear; not just because there is a clear difference between the first and second party, but mainly because New Democracy will be able to form a majority government and see through its term. Its absolute majority also sends a message beyond Greece's borders that the country can return to stability.

Editorial: Against barbarity and violence

The media have diachronically been a permanent and convenient target for successive governments and thugs.

Yesterday's attacks against the offices of the liberal  weekly Athens Voice is yet another incident that confirms the hatred for  freedom of speech and of the press harboured by the supporters of violence and barbarity.