Corporate law

Laconic Food is absorbed by Creta Farm Foods – The whole merger plan

In order to develop into a strong company with an expanded product portfolio, Creta Farm Foods has absorbed Laconic Foods.

According to the draft absorption merger agreement, published yesterday, the valuation of the contributed net position of Laconic Foods, as estimated by the certified public accountants IG AUDIT amounts to 4.42 million euros.

Most Bulgarians Are Afraid to Report Corruption Shows Survey

Accroding to international survey requested by Transparency International most Bulgarians (56%) believed during the last year of "Borissov 3" government mandate that the prime minister and members of his cabinet are involved in corruption.

 When it comes to MPs, this share exceeds two thirds (67%).

Transport Minister rescinds order making union presence at Metrorex Board meetings mandatory

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Catalin Drula rescinded today an order from 2014 that made inviting the representatives of the 'Unitatea' Metro Free Trade Union - USLM to the meetings of the Metrorex Board of Directors mandatory. "The first measure recommended by the Control Body in the Metrorex case has been carried out.

New supervisors appointed at Petrol

Ljubljana – The shareholders of energy group Petrol appointed new supervisors on Monday and voted against a proposal to take legal action against the former management for alleged damages over multiple high-profile transactions.

Two current supervisors – chief supervisor Sašo Berger and Mladen Kaliterna – received new terms.

Clientelist Networks Lie Behind Western Balkans State Capture – Transparency

Political elites and their grip on power are the main driving force behind state capture in the Western Balkans and Turkey, a new Transparency International report asserts.

The report, "Examining state capture", published on Tuesday, notes "two key enabling factors of state capture in the Western Balkans and Turkey: impunity for high-level corruption and tailor-made laws".

Iohannis: It is absolutely fundamental for health of state, society to firmly fight corruption

President Klaus Iohannis sent a message on Wednesday on the occasion of the International Anticorruption Day, stressing that the phenomenon of corruption must be fought "firmly" by the institutions responsible for the "health of the state and society." He noted that the International Anticorruption Day, established by the United Nations Convention against Corruption, brings to mind that everyon