Explore the Tomb of Tutankhamun in Burgas, Bulgaria

If you want to walk through Tutankhamun's tomb and see how the boy's Pharaoh last house seemed like, you can do in Burgas. More than 100 exhibits of gold and precious stones recreate with absolute precision the funeral chamber from which the ruler of Ancient Egypt has taken to the stars, as seen by Treasure Hunt Howard Carter, reports Travel Bulgaria News

The super-weapon of simplicity

Greece may need stability in Europe and the world so that it can make up for lost time, but everything is in flux. We may have a new government and new faces in politics, we may hope that Greece is entering a period of stability and growth, but this will depend on many factors inside and outside the country.

Ignoring EU sanctions, Ankara drilling in Cyprus’ EEZ, to send fourth ship

Completing ignoring EU warnings and sanctions and repeated US warnings, Turkish Defence Minister Fatih Donmez announced that Ankara's ultra-modern drilling ship Fatih has reached a depth of 5,000 metres in drilling to the west of Cyprus and that a second drilling ship, the Yavuz, will begin drilling in a few days off the coast of the Turkish-occupied Karpas peninsula, the north-easternmost tip

ENFIA cut for all comes closer

The Finance Ministry is considering the abolition of an amendment introduced by the previous government for a 10 percent average reduction of the Single Property Tax (ENFIA), the cost of which is estimated at 265 million euros, without ruling out New Democracy's own program on property taxation as of this year.

Dolphin carrying out tourism investment projects in Kilada and Kea

Dolphin Capital Investors has started carrying out tourism investments totaling 600 million euros on the Cycladic island of Kea and near the village of Kilada in the eastern Peloponnese.

Work is expected to begin in early fall on the construction of a new resort at Kilada, which will be named Kilada Hills and has a budget of 420 million euros.