Tighter noose for tax evasion

The tax administration will target the expenditure declared by the self-employed and freelancers, with the aim of reducing tax evasion and increasing their taxable income.

According to Finance Ministry data, the self-employed have a gross income of 35-40 billion euros per year, while their taxable income is less than 10 times that as it does not exceed €4 billion.

Vucevic: Army to remain in full combat readiness until Friday

BELGRADE - Serbian Defence Minister Milos Vucevic said on Monday the Serbian Armed Forces would remain in full combat readiness until Friday and that deployment of army formations along the administrative line with Kosovo-Metohija would be completed by 2 pm.

Vucevic noted that he expected the issue to be resolved by political means and not through war.

Srpska lista, Zvecan residents protest against mayor, want Pristina's police to withdraw

ZVECAN - Srpska lista and residents of Zvecan who gathered outside the local municipal building on Monday morning said they wanted a newly-elected ethnic Albanian mayor to stop coming into the building and Pristina's special police troops to withdraw immediately, a Tanjug reporter on the ground said.