As Mitsotakis, Erdogan ‘break the ice’, groundwork is laid for broader bilateral talks

By Angelos Athanasopoulos

Talks between Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan were held in a cordial climate today according to diplomatic sources.

The nearly one-hour discussion took place in a warm climate and both sides signalled that the two leaders broke the ice.

NATO Supports Bosnia’s Integrity, Laments Divisive Language

NATO heads of states and governments attending Monday's alliance summit in Brussels vowed to support the territorial integrity and stability of Bosnia while reaffirming "unity, solidarity, and cohesion, and pledging to open a new chapter in transatlantic relations" and address "Russia's aggressive actions that constitute a threat to Euro-Atlantic security" and "China's growing influence".

Bulgaria and Moldova Head for Polls on July 11, What Similarities Two States Share?

On July 11, in Europe, the citizens of two states will elect their Parliaments. Bulgaria, an EU member state, will repeatedly mobilize to elect its Legislative after three failed rounds since the last elections in April on the appointment of a Government by the newly elected Parliament.

Montenegro Accuses Serbia of Blanking Ex-President’s Extradition Demand

Montenegro's Minister of Justice, Human and Minority Rights, Vladimir Leposavic, told Vijesti on Sunday that  the country had received no news from Belgrade about its demand for the extradition of the former president of the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro, Svetozar Marovic.