Dutch Case Sparks Concern: COVID-19 Infection Lasts Record 613 Days

In a chilling revelation from the Netherlands, scientists have unveiled a startling case of a COVID-19 infection persisting for an unprecedented 613 days in an elderly patient, casting a shadow of concern over the potential emergence of more virulent variants of the coronavirus.

Significant decrease in covid-19 cases amid persisting influenza concerns

All Covid-19 indicators are showing a decrease, while influenza remains at high levels, the Hellenic National Public Health Organization (EODY) reported on Thursday. 

According to the latest epidemiological report from EODY, there have been nine new severe cases of influenza requiring ICU hospitalization and three new deaths recorded in the past week.

"The number of dead is disastrous"; Doctors in Serbia claim - it's just the beginning

However, according to "Blic", a wave of increase in patients who have a fever, cough, sneeze, feel a pain in the throat, are weak and have flu-like or covid-like symptoms is expected in the coming days. The main impact of tridemia is yet to be expected, and pediatricians are already working at full steam.

Health minister addresses latest surge in respiratory infections

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca has spoken about the surge in upper respiratory tract infections, revealing that Istanbul saw the biggest increase in cases in Türkiye.

Answering the questions of journalists after a cabinet meeting, Koca said that the current increase of infections was expected due to the seasonal conditions of winter months and that there was no cause for worry.