COVID-19 pandemic

Bill Gates: The Coronavirus is a Flower against the Backdrop of Impending Pandemics

The world is facing pandemics that will be much worse than the coronavirus. That's what Microsoft founder Bill Gates said, urging governments to prepare and set aside billions to fight the next global epidemic.

Omicron and Delta are the most contagious viruses ever, Gates said, but the world will face more deadly and severe infections in the future.

BBC: Died with or Died of COVID? What is happening with Mortality Statistics

What's really going on with Covid deaths data?

With this headline, the British public media BBC published an analysis proving that with Omicron, deaths from COVID in the UK are rising sharply, but more and more of them are actually due to something else.

"This is because some people die with Covid, not from it," the author said.

Pandemic mystery: Scientists focus on COVID’s animal origin

Nearly two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, the origin of the virus tormenting the world remains shrouded in mystery.
Most scientists believe it emerged in the wild and jumped from bats to humans, either directly or through another animal. Others theorize it escaped from a Chinese lab.

Bill Gates: "The end in 2022"

He expressed hope that the critical phase of the COVID pandemic would end next year.
"It would be foolish to make a different prediction, I believe that the acute phase of the pandemic will end sometime in 2022," Gates said on the Gates Notes personal blog.

It will take about Two Weeks to Evaluate the New Strain “Omicron”, said US Chief Epidemiologist

U.S. Chief Epidemiologist and Infectious Diseases Specialist Dr. Anthony Fauci reports to President Joe Biden that final information on the new version of the coronavirus Omicron will be available in two weeks, Reuters reported.