Crime prevention

Police force struggling with staff shortages, long commutes

Ljubljana – Police departments in Slovenia continue to struggle with staffing shortages dating back to austerity measures. The average age of a police officer rises by 4.5 months each year, while unions are warning that many, especially from the east of the country as the main source of the police’s workforce, are having to do extremely long commutes.

Salellaropoulou calls for strict enforcement of Constitution in EYP’s surveillance of citizens

President Katerina Sakellaropoulou, a former high court judge who served as president of the Council of State, weighed in today on the issue of surveillance of citizens by the EYP National Intelligence Service, calling for strict enforcement of the relevant constitutional provisions.

Limits of Human Rights are Being Tested on Journalists – Report From the Debate „Influence of New Technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Surveillance Technology on Freedom of Expression and the Media“

The OSCE ambassador underscored that the problem of surveillance and its impact on media freedoms is not just an issue for the Serbian government, but for European countries as well. Those who control information, control the future.