Crime prevention

They wanted a government job 

Sometimes I wish that I lived in a country somewhere between my native Greece and the USA where I live. By between I don't mean geographically but rather a country whose laws, social mores etc were somewhere between the two. Maybe, I like to dream, such a country would combine the best of both Greece and US without any of the negatives.

Advanced AI Cameras to Monitor Crime in Sunny Beach

In preparation for the upcoming summer season, authorities in Sunny Beach have unveiled a state-of-the-art video surveillance system comprising nearly 100 cameras, with four equipped for facial and license plate recognition. With hopes of curbing crime rates during the peak tourist season, both police and the Municipality of Nessebar are optimistic about the system's potential impact.

"Big Brother" the monastery of Avvakum - Investigation for cameras with sound even in the confessional!

Distraught thousands of faithful visiting the monastery - Spikes from monks for interference by the brother of the Metropolitan of Tamassos, who works in the National Intelligence Service in a field related to surveillance