Cultural history

Civil Protection Authority says suspicious letters are harmless

The Civil Protection Authority said on Friday that the suspicious envelopes sent to universities around the country this week did not contain any toxic substances, only an industrial adhesive identified in the first letter.

Samples from the letters were analyzed by the General Chemical State Laboratory in Athens.

Top 11 artifacts in Turkey’s museums that you should see but probably missed

From Asia to Europe, Turkey has been the host to many ancient civilizations for thousands of years. With its affluent sources of ancient ruins, Turkey is in the forefront when it comes to historical artifacts. Some of them are not as well-known by tourists as they deserve, like the history’s first love poem and a Viking graffiti in one of the greatest buildings ever built.

Smuggled ‘priceless treasures’ of Roman, Greek, Persian, Islamic civilizations seized by Istanbul police

Dozens of ancient objects described as “priceless treasures,” including artifacts from the Roman, Greek, Persian and Islamic civilizations, have been seized from smugglers in Istanbul after the police’s latest sting operations. Click through for the story in photos...

Letter bomb suspect to testify to magistrate on Wednesday

A 29-year-old man accused of mailing several letter bombs to foreign and Greek financial officials - including one that exploded in the hands of former prime minister Lucas Papademos in May, injuring him seriously - has been given until Wednesday to testify to a special investigating magistrate.

Sexy Nafeli Axioti proves precious things come in small packages (photos)

“My Style Rocks” is a reality show that tests the knowledge and taste of the young female contestants. The show aired on Skai TV, is quite popular with the female audience. It does have it male fans, too, though. They have their own favourite, which obviously differs from that of the ladies, as they take other things into consideration. It is Nefeli Axiotis.