Culture of Greece

Byzantium inspires Greek board game

Inspired by the popular board game Monopoly, Greek designers created Constantinopoly, where players buy plots in Constantinople using Byzantine and Ottoman coins to build the city's famous monuments, while historical events such as the city's fall in 1453 influence the development of the game. The board game aims to spread knowledge of Greek culture and history in an innovative way.

Diaspora was at the root of the 'Greek miracle,' says Edith Hall

Professor Edith Hall, an influential scholar of Classics and inveterate traveler, shares her insights on the ancient Greek world, her personal experience of Greece, and the links between the Greek landscape and myth. She was interviewed on the occasion of the publication in Greek translation (by Dioptra) of "Introducing the Ancient Greeks," first published in June 2014.

Greek cultural centre to open in Krasnodar region in Russia

A Greek cultural center will be inaugurated by the Greek community in the Russian town of Gelendzhik of in the Krasnodar region. According to reports in the Russian press, the three-storey building to host the centre will offer the chance to see objects of everyday life, icons and busts of personalities that influenced Greek culture, education and science.

Japanese Grecophile wants to save the Tree of Hippocrates

Coming from an ancient culture themselves, Japanese people show an admiration for ancient Greek history and an attraction to the Greek culture in general. The extent of this respect was exhibited in a Japanese man’s desire to save the plain tree that according to tradition was planted by the father of western medicine Hippocrates.

Greek and Cypriots in the UK fight to keep A-Level Modern Greek

The UK education authority’s decision to remove the A-Level Modern Greek exam as of 2017 has met with the opposition of the Greek and Cypriot community. Edexcel, one of the organizations that handles exams in the UK is following the lead of other organizations that want to remove a number of Asian, African and European languages from the list of A-level exams.

Greek Culture Week to kick off in Moscow

As part of the celebrations for its 10-year anniversary, the Centre of Hellenic Culture in Moscow has organized a week dedicated to Greek culture, from March 19-25, with the aim of promoting Greece to the Russian audience.

The events will be held at the Meridian cultural venue and will focus on the important historic landmarks in the relationship between the two countries.

Greeks Gone West: Greg Pappas

“Greeks Gone West” is a series of video vignettes the US Embassy in Athens made about the world of work in the US. Through the prism of Greeks and Greek-Americans with interesting work lives, we hope to improve the understanding of US society and to show possibilities during a time, in Greece, when life seems full of limitations and frustrations.

A long relationship endures

 Martha Graham Dance Company’s summer tour to conclude at the Herod Atticus

The Martha Graham Dance Company celebrates the long and dynamic relationship between the pioneering modern dance choreographer and Greece this summer as the American troupe embarks on a mini summer tour across the country with a performance program that promises a few surprises.