Culture of Greece

Monument to two great philhellenes used as coffee table

Nine years after the vandalism of the monument dedicated to 19th century French philhellenes General Charles Nicolas Fabvier and Francois Robert, who fought valiantly in the struggle for Greek independence, all that is left is its base, which is sometimes used as a coffee table for passers-by on the Dionysiou Areopagitou pedestrian road ringing the Acropolis in Athens.

Olympic Torch costumes split public opinion

What are the adjectives that should describe every new creative interpretation of ancient Greek culture? Must it be "simple yet elegant," "abstract" or "figurative"? Can it be "fresh"? Can it be "contemporary"?

And what are the appropriate adjectives for an esthetic proposal that is based on a completely different creative approach?

Lights out on Acropolis for Earth Hour

The lights on the Acropolis, Presidential Mansion, Parliament and other public buildings were switched off on Saturday evening to mark Earth Hour.

Organised by WWF, this year's event was dedicated to the forest, after the hottest year on record worldwide and the destruction of 120,000 hectares of woodland in Greece in last summer's fires.

Relatives of railway crash victims hold memorial, call for justice

A memorial service was held on Wednesday at the site of the railway crash in Tempe, central Greece, to honor the 57 individuals who lost their lives on February 28, 2023. Relatives and friends gathered to pay their respects, leaving flowers at the scene as they called for justice.

The Acropolis got €60 mln worth of visitors in 2023

Revenue from visits to the Acropolis went up by €14 million from the previous year's €46 million, the culture minister said on Monday.

Speaking to lawmakers in Parliament, Lina Mendoni said that "upgrades of all services," such as a new electronic ticket system, have driven a "constant increase" in the iconic historical site's revenues.