Cyprus dispute

Cyprus making extra efforts to ensure air safety amid Turkish warplane incursions

Cyprus authorities say they're take extra efforts to ensure flight safety isn't compromised from Turkish warplanes and military drones flying inside Cypriot-monitored airspace without filing either flight plans or communicating with air traffic control.

Alleged hotel sale sparks investigation in Varosha

The allegation that three hotels in Turkish Cyprus' Varosha city have been sold to a Turkish businessman by their Greek owners has sparked concerns in the Greek administration as the sale or transfer of real estate in the area opened to civilian visits three years ago after a 46-year hiatus is under the control of a commission.

Turkey reaffirms support for Turkish Cypriot rights over energy resources

Turkey will continue to protect the rights and interests of Turkish Cypriots to the region's energy resources, Foreign Minister Mevult Cavusoglu said Sunday.

"We have protected and continue to protect the rights and interests of the Turkish Cypriots in Cyprus and its surroundings over energy resources," Cavusoglu said.