Economic history of Italy

Editorial: Plethora of bank advisors, squandering, and favours

Everyone can understand the difficulties that Greek banks face in managing the jumble of problems they inherited from the long-term economic crisis.

One can also understand the problems that the management of banks face today as they operate in an environment of limited capital, a lack of revenues, and low profitability.

Enhancing investment via the capital market

Greece's definitive emergence from its financial crisis and the recovery of living standards in the country require considerable new investments, the Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research (IOBE) said in a report presented on Tuesday, which proposed three policy measures for strengthening bank savings through the capital market.

Competition watchdog says bank raid 'initial step' in pricing probe

Greece's competition watchdog says raids at the headquarters of the country's four systemic banks as well as the Hellenic Bank Association (EET) and DIAS Interbank Systems on Thursday and Friday was an "initial step" in its inquiry into possible cartel practices regarding customer charges.

Editorial: Contemporary Shylocks

Last Thursday the prime minister invited the heads of Greek banks to his office to discuss exorbitant fees even for the simplest electronic services.

Prior to that there was a deluge of customer complaints when they discovered that banks exacted a fee even for an electronic printout of their account balances.