Eurobank – Pandemic and energy crisis create downside risks for the 4th quarter 2021

The recovery continued in the third quarter of 2021, however the resurgence of the pandemic and the energy crisis pose downside risks for the fourth quarter of 2021 and jeopardize the disposable income of households.

This is the main conclusion of Eurobank's weekly study "7 DAYS ECONOMY".

Central bank points to signs of economic slowdown

Ljubljana – The Slovenian economic activity remains high but there are signs of a slowdown, the central bank says in its latest publication. The use of production capacities is high, the pre-crisis level of activity has been reached, and there is a shortage of raw materials and intermediate goods, and qualified workers, Banka Slovenije says.

Bulgarian Financier and TISP MP: The "Green Certificate" can Slow Down the Economy

One way to deal with high inflation is to support production and introduce tax breaks. Reducing VAT on food will increase collection and brighten the industry. The introduction of a "Green Certificate" at around 20% vaccination is a mistake that can lead to a slowdown in economic development.

Staikouras – The energy crisis with us until the 2nd quarter of 2022

"All the policies that we announced at the Thessaloniki International Fair for 2022 apply, but for other political initiatives that we would like to take, the budgetary margins to be taken are limited", said the Minister of Finance Christos Staikouras and explained that "as much as we are forced to help society, these 500 million euros - which were announced yesterday that will be given - are m

Bulgaria: Prices Will Rise More Steeply than Expected - Finance Ministry

The Ministry of Finance has revised its autumn forecast for economic development. According to new estimates, real gross domestic product (GDP) growth will reach 4%, and next year will be heading towards 5% with a forecast of 4.9%. The main reason for accelerating economic growth will be investment, as well as the stabilization of the private sector after the Covid crisis.