Expert: Electricity Prices will Increase by 15% if KEVR Approves CEZ Proposal

An average of 15 percent will increase household electricity prices if the energy regulator approves CEZ's proposal to increase the cost of electricity. The opinion expressed to Darik the energy expert and member of the strategic council to President Elenko Bozhkov.

Uncertain Economic Environment and Shortage of Workers Make Business Difficult in Bulgaria

In March 2019, the overall business climate indicator remained roughly the same as in February, as a business environment improvement was recorded only in retail. This shows the regular business surveys of the National Statistical Institute.

BoG: Tourism drives property market higher

Tourism was the main driving force behind the recovery seen in the Greek property market in 2018, according to the annual report issued by the Bank of Greece on Monday.

"Tourism and related domains accounted for the majority of investment capital attracted, offering a boost to local markets and assisting demand for housing and retail spaces in certain areas too," the report read.