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Athens Metro: The map of the new extension to Ilion

Ten years after the delivery of the last major extension of Line 2 of the Athens metro, which today connects Anthoupolis with Ellinikon, a new esxtension is on the way. Attiko Metro yesterday turned the hourglass of the tender for the extension to Ilion with approximately 4 km of new line and three new stations.

Multiple shot, unexploded devices found at NYC train station

At least 13 people have been injured in a shooting incident at a subway station in the New York City borough of Brooklyn, where "several undetonated devices" were recovered, authorities said on April 12. 

A New York police spokeswoman told AFP officers responded to 911 call of a person shot in the Brooklyn subway at 8:27 am (1227 GMT).

Metro – Line 4: The first construction sites in Athens are beginning works

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport is opening space for the first construction sites of Line 4 of the Athens metro. The gears that will set in motion the largest construction project in the country, with a budget of 1.8 billion euros, have begun to move. The subway is starting to wake up to get to work, starting in 2022, in the center of the capital after more than fifteen years.

Unionist Radoi: Subway protests are about salary cuts, layoffs, nothing to do with commercial spaces

The subway protests were organized as a result of the dissatisfaction of trade unionists caused by Metrorex's [the Bucharest subway company - editor's note] to reduce employees' salaries and lay off staff and has nothing to do with the situation of the commercial spaces, the head of the Unitatea - Sindicatul Liber din Metrou (USLM) trade union, Ion Radoi, told AGERPRES on Friday.