Emmanuel Macron

Τhe French horsefly of Europe

Europe is falling short as a single strategic actor and French President Emmanuel Macron never misses the opportunity to remind us. Sometimes in a barely diplomatic way. His recent statements have provoked intense controversy and debate. It was not so much their content as the use of specific words such as "vassal" and "follower," which he used to define what he did not want Europe to be.

Total Victory for Macron's unpopular Pension Reform

French President Emmanuel Macron's highly unpopular pension law passed another hurdle after the Constitutional Council rejected the opposition's second proposal to hold a referendum to limit the retirement age to 62, Reuters reported.

Macron has defied fierce union opposition and weeks of sometimes violent protests against his plan to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64.

At Least 108 Police Officers were Injured in France during May Day Protests

At least 108 policemen and gendarmerie were injured yesterday in France, of which twenty in Paris, during clashes in the course of protests against the pension reform, reported APP and BTA, referring to the French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin.

291 people were arrested across the country, 90 of them in Paris.

It started: Shop windows broken, tear gas thrown; Millions took to the streets? VIDEO

As the unions reported, a million people are expected on the streets in French cities.
Workers staged protest marches across France today, May 1, International Labor Day, unhappy that President Emmanuel Macron raised the retirement age and police fired tear gas in Paris and Nantes in the west of the country.

France vows economic reforms to continue after debt downgrade

France will go ahead with structural reforms to overhaul its economy after credit ratings agency Fitch downgraded the country's debt worthiness, Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire has told AFP.    

Fitch downgraded France's debt worthiness a notch to "AA-" from "AA" on April 28, claiming the country's "fiscal metrics are weaker than peers".