Fear and freedom

Experts tell us that the strongest emotion we feel as humans is fear, which we are unable to process individually. This leads to the belief that only an all-powerful institution, namely the state, can ensure the survival of a society and its citizens when they are faced with mortal peril, like the current coronavirus crisis.

Mary Keen | Athens | To March 22

The UCA Projects art group presents "The Relentless, Prometheic Universe of Mary Keen" at KOTES X Booze Cooperativa in downtown Athens. In the works presented, Keen explores the individual's familiarization with danger that ultimately leads to catharsis and links it with artistic practice. The artist will be present during the exhibition, along with the UCA Projects team. Admission is free.

Google congratulates us for Valentine's Day

Today, the world marks the Day of Love.

Google also immerses us in a festive atmosphere by changing the logo of its interactive animation homepage - a pair of adorable aliens who exchange messages and show us that love is "out of this world."

This has become a tradition of the tech giant - marking important dates and anniversaries with the so-called Doodle.

Emotional Bank Account

Sounds familiar? I surely hope not. If this is the case at your office then you probably work in a psychologically unsafe place which was created by a bad manager. When the communication becomes hostile, defensive, full of verbal battles, emotional withdrawal, or even worse - silence, then this is a clear evidence of a very low level of trust.

Justice and democracy

The justice system is obliged to be fair about the cases it handles, while it must also act with caution on every matter that is brought before it.

Investigating scandals with the aim of achieving catharsis is an extremely serious matter, which needs to be carried out according to very specific rules and unimpeachable due process.