European Aviation Safety Agency

Airspace Ban Imposed on Belarus Leads to Higher CO2 Emissions

Detours taken by airlines to avoid entering Belarusian airspace following the forced landing of a Ryanair jet are responsible for around an extra 250,000 kg of CO2 emissions per day, air traffic management estimates show.

On average, EU and UK carriers must fly 40 nautical miles more to adhere to EU sanctions against Belarus, with most re-routing through the Baltic states.

European Regulator EASA States Boeing 737 Max Is Safe

The head of Europe's aviation safety agency, EASA, has told the BBC he is "certain" Boeing's 737 Max is now safe to fly.

Executive Director Patrick Ky said his organisation had "left no stone unturned" in its review of the aircraft and its analysis of design changes made by the manufacturer.

The plane was grounded in March 2019.

Ensuring Aviation Safety and Safe use of Drones: Council Signs off on EASA Reform

The Council today adopted updated aviation safety rules, which include a revised mandate for the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the first ever EU-wide rules for civil drones of all sizes. The reform introduces proportionate and risk-based rules designed to enable the EU aviation sector to grow, make it more competitive and encourage innovation.

EU Air Safety List re-evaluates the safest airlines

Only days after the adoption of a new Aviation Strategy for Europe,  the European Commission updated the EU Air Safety List, the list of airlines that are subject to an operating ban or operational restrictions within the European Union. This list is essential to guarantee the highest level of air safety for European citizens.

MEPs debate new rules for safety and competitiveness in aviation

Aviation is a key driver of economic growth and jobs, but in order to ensure safety and let European companies maintain their competitiveness, current EU rules need to be updated. The European Commission is working on proposals now, but MEPs have already adopted a resolution on what they would like to see in the aviation package to be announced by the end of the year.