Fighter aircraft

Bulgaria's Defense Modernization: F-16 Maintenance to Stay In-House

Acting Minister of Defense Atanas Zapryanov assured that the F-16 Block 70 aircraft will undergo full maintenance in Bulgaria, eliminating the need for them to be sent abroad. This decision aims to introduce new technologies into the "Avionams" for aircraft maintenance, thereby saving costs and developing the necessary expertise locally.

Dendias unveils ambitious Air Force plans

Parliament on Tuesday will approve the procurement program for 35 Black Hawk (UH-60M) helicopters at a total cost of 1.15 billion euros, with Defense Minister Nikos Dendias stressing on Monday that by 2030 Greece country should have 200 4.5- and 5th-generation aircraft, envisioning a fleet of F-16 Vipers, Rafales and F-35s.

Defense Min unveils ‘Agenda 2030’ for armed forces restructuring

Greek Defense Minister Nikos Dendias outlined the government's plan for restructuring the Armed Forces under the "Agenda 2030" on Monday, emphasizing fighter jet acquisition, Navy Fleet enhancement and the domestic defense industry's role in autonomous systems and missile defense.

Greece-Turkey arms race continues

The green light given by the United States to Greece's acquisition of the F-35 multi-role fighter and to the sale of F-16 fighters and upgrade kits to Turkey highlights the fact that the two nominal NATO allies are actually facing each other, vying for supremacy in the air, land and sea.

Romania to Buy F-35 Fighter Jets from the US

Romania will purchase F-35 Lightning II fighter jets from the US, the Supreme National Defense Council decided at its meeting today, BTA reported.

Members of Romania's Supreme Council of National Defense approved the so-called "Concept for achieving operational air defense capability with fifth-generation multi-role aircraft", announced the administration of President Klaus Iohannis.