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North Korea is Rehearsing Nuclear Strikes against the US and South Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has urged his country to be ready to launch nuclear strikes at any moment, accusing the US and South Korea of expanding joint military exercises involving US nuclear-capable weapons, BTA and Reuters reported, citing local media: state agency KCNA.

Why China has passed its economic growth peak

Investors and stock markets have become very excited with China's "reopening" after its abandonment of the zero-Covid policy at the end of 2022. Nobody knows how many people died after more than 80% of the population was declared to have caught the coronavirus, but there have been clear signs of economic revival after three years of drastic lockdowns.

China retains central bank chief

China retained its central bank chief on Feb. 12 in a surprise move, as the country appointed a cabinet focused on fighting economic headwinds.

Yi Gang was confirmed as governor of the People's Bank of China at a meeting of China's rubber-stamp national legislature, against expectations that retirement-age Yi would step down.

China hints at Conflict with the US and ties Chinese Aid to Russia with American Aid to Taiwan

"The United States and China are sliding toward inevitable conflict if Washington does not change its approach toward Beijing. Moreover, the US has no right to criticize the possibility that the Asian giant is helping Russia in its war in Ukraine, while itself is providing weapons to Taiwan."