Frank-Walter Steinmeier

Pahor stresses need to support Ukraine in interview for Der Spiegel

Berlin – President Borut Pahor argued in an interview for Der Spiegel in favour of continued arms supplies to Ukraine and warned of the unpredictability of Vladmir Putin, saying it could lead to a nuclear conflict. He warned against underestimating the Russian military and noted the risk of the conflict spreading to Moldova, Georgia and the Western Balkans.

"It's time for the former chancellor to explain certain things"

Angela Merkel's reputation has been damaged in Germany in recent weeks, writes the Telegraph. "After the invasion of Ukraine, former ministers who served in her tenure, in turn, renounce its foreign policy," the paper writes.
"I never thought in my life that we would enter into such a crisis with Russia," said Wolfgang Schuble, a former finance minister during Merkel's term.

Merkel Received Document for Dismissal from the Post Chancellor of Germany

Angela Merkel took another step towards resigning from politics today after receiving an official document for her dismissal from the post of chancellor, where she spent 16 years, the Associated Press reported.

Merkel attended today the first session of the new German parliament, but sat in the gallery for VIP guests. Merkel was elected to the Bundestag 31 years ago.