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At Least 11 People Died, More than 300 Were Rushed to Hospitals after Drinking Home-Made Coconut Wine on a Christmas Party

Authorities regularly issue warnings that the drinking should be avoided.

At least 11 people have died and more than 300 were rushed to hospitals after drinking home-made coconut wine on Christmas celebrations in the Philippines.

Group calls for complete ban on drink driving

The national association of driving instructors has asked authorities to abolish limits for drink driving, claiming that driving under the influence of any amount of alcohol is dangerous.
According to Greece's highway code, it's illegal to drive with a blood alcohol content of more than 0.5 milligrams per liter or a breath alcohol content of more than 0.25mg/l.

Some Residents of Southeastern Bulgarian City of Karnobat were Evacuated after Gas Leaks

Evacuation of part of Karnobat residents due to gas leaks at the city's train station. Many people spent the night outdoors, NOVA reported.

Around 1:00 am a tank loaded with propane-butane passed through the Karnobat area. A train station employee sensed a smell and a specific sound.

Dozens Dead in Indonesia after Drinking Bootleg Liquor

JAKARTA (Reuters) - More than 50 Indonesians have died and many have been become sick and hospitalised since last week after consuming homemade alcohol tainted with various ingredients including mosquito repellent, authorities said on Tuesday.

Police have detained at least 12 men in the capital, Jakarta, and a neighbouring province on suspicion of making and selling the liquor.

Tiger Woods Had 5 Drugs in System at Time of Arrest

Tiger Woods had five different drugs in his system when he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) in May, according to a toxicology report, announced BBC. 

A urine test revealed a mixture of strong painkillers, sleep and anxiety drugs and THC, which is a chemical component of marijuana.

NSI: Production of Fuels, Natural Gas, and Electricity Decreases in January 2017

In January 2017 compared to December 2016, there was a decrease reported in the production of solid fuels - by 5.0% to 3,328 thousand T; of unleaded gasoline - by 8.3% to 165 thousand T; diesel fuel - by 6.9% to 256 thousand T; natural gas - by 20.0% to 12 million m3; electricity - by 10.8% to 4,056 GWh.