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ATHEX: Bourse adds more to its annual rise

The year's final week started for the Greek stock market on Wednesday with a slight increase for the main index, mainly thanks to the growth of National Bank stock that also led to the banks index posting significant gains on the day. As things stand, the benchmark is heading for an annual growth rate of 40% for the entire year.

ATHEX: Mid-caps emerge as protagonists

Mid-caps proved quite the attraction at the Greek stock market on Wednesday, taking the benchmark out of the red and into the black, with the vast majority of stocks ending up with gains on the day. Still, trading volume remained at a moderate level for another session, as activity in the markets appears to have already slowed down with the approach of the festive season.

ATHEX: Further slide as interest in stocks wanes

December appears to have started in a relatively slow mode for the Greek stock market, despite the Fitch Ratings boost last Friday and the decline in Greek bond yields. On Tuesday prices at Athinon Avenue headed lower, though their decline was contained during the closing auctions, while trading remained below the 100-milllion-euro mark. 

Investors note momentum in Greek economy

The investment community recognizes the momentum of the Greek economy, sees the Greek stock market as a stable pillar of growth and gives a vote of confidence to Greek listed companies, according to the managing director of the Athens Stock Exchange group, Yianos Kontopoulos, in an interview with Kathimerini, as he returned from London.

ATHEX: Index at high unseen since September 6

The main index of the Greek stock market rose to highs unseen since September 6 on Wednesday, on the combination of the end-of-year window dressing for many investors and the prospect of a possible credit rating upgrade for Greece by Fitch on Friday. The benchmark spent the entire day in the black and the daily turnover managed to clear the 100-million-euro bar for another session.

ATHEX: Banks take stock index even higher

The fourth straight day of gains for the benchmark at the Greek stock market saw banks and certain blue chips leading the way, as opposed to the blue chip index, which posted a minor loss. Most of the action focused on the credit sector, which is seeing plenty of activity in stake sales these days, attracting the strong interest of foreign traders.

ATHEX: Benchmark climbs to new six-week high

A universal push higher by Greek stocks sent the benchmark of the local bourse to a six-week high on Thursday, as it smashed through the 1,200-point level with ease, outperforming most other eurozone markets. This was the fifth consecutive session of gains for the main index at Athinon Avenue, with a notable increase in turnover too.

ATHEX: Mid-caps take bourse index higher

Despite the drop of banks stocks, which left the blue chip index unchanged on the day, the benchmark of the Greek stock market posted a minor increase on Wednesday on the back of the notable rise recorded by mid-caps. The market saw a significant majority of rising stocks in this fourth straight day of price growth, and a decline in the day's trading volume.