Over 100 persons protesting in Victory Square

Bucharest, May 16 /Agerpres/ - Over 100 persons are protesting on Saturday, in Victory Square, in front of the Government building, against the measures adopted by the Government to manage the COVID-19 pandemic. The gendarmes present distributed flyers to the protesters on the topic of infection with the novel coronavirus, said, for AGERPRES, representatives of the Bucharest Gendarmerie.

More than 100 people protesting in Victoria Square

More than 100 people are protesting on Friday in Victoria Square (government seat, ed. n.) in Bucharest against the measures adopted by the Government to manage the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the spokesman of the Capital Gendarmerie, Alexandru Iacob, the public assembly is illegal, but the Gendarmerie is trying to handle the situation without any incidents.

13 migrants in Turkey’s east feared to have frozen to death

Turkish search and rescue teams have been dispatched to a remote zone near the Iranian border to save at least 13 migrants who have been stranded due to heavy snowstorm and freezing temperatures.

The governor's office in Van received a report that 13 irregular migrants froze to death shortly after they entered a mountainous area of Çaldıran district of the eastern province from Iran.

Police drone shot down by gendarmerie in Taksim Square

A drone launched by the Turkish police to fly over Istanbul's Taksim Square on New Year's Eve for security purposes was shot down by the Turkish gendarmerie forces on Dec. 31. 

"We were not informed about the [drone] flight. We shot it down because we considered it a threat," a gendarmerie officer told police officials.  

Gendarmerie in Malca - the ring around the abductor tightens?

According to RTS, the strong forces of the Gendarmerie are deployed in the village district of Malca and the final "tightening of the ring around the abductor" is being performed.
Last night, in the late evening, police also searched the village of Jasenovik, however, that search did not yield a result.

Police and gendarmerie members in the village near Oresac - search is underway VIDEO

Members of the police and gendarmerie units are intensively searching the grounds.
According to unofficial information, the abducted girl is alive and is currently with the suspect, TV Prva has learned.
Earlier today, police and a gendarmerie surrounded the village of Oresac on suspicion that the suspect was hiding there.