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Bakhmut's "burning": Meteorit is "crumbling" Russian positions? VIDEO

Thus, in recent days, an extraordinary video from the war in Ukraine appeared on social networks, which allegedly shows how the Meteorit UR-77 mine-clearing vehicle, operated by Ukrainians, does not make its way through the minefield, which is what it is intended for, but is used as an offensive weapon against the Russians forces in an urban environment.

The Russians took over: "The whole city is in our hands"

"Practically the entire city is in the hands of our army. The most important thing is that our forces liberated the AZOM industrial zone a long time ago - this was the last difficult border. After that, the Bakhmut-1 station was captured. After that, the enemy had to retreat somewhat chaotically on ill-prepared lines," he said.

It didn't "fall"?

According to him, fighting is raging around the city administration building, which the Russian paramilitary group Wagner claims raised the Russian flag on.
Cherevaty told Reuters by telephone that Bakhmut is Ukrainian.
"Bakhmut is Ukrainian, they have not taken anything and they are very far from doing so, to put it mildly," said Cherevaty.