Geography of Ukraine

Zaporizhzhia: fires within the city; rescuers pull people out from under the rubble

Fighting continues in Kherson and Zaporizhzhia. Ukrainian forces claim to be advancing and occupying more and more positions in the south.
Moscow says it is regrouping its forces in Kherson, that it has halted the advance of Ukrainian forces and that they are withdrawing from Artyomovsk.

Two people died in the attack on Zaporizhzhia

Russia has Withdrawn from Ukraine’s Kharkiv Region

Ukraine announced the recapture of more than 20 settlements in Kharkiv and Donetsk regions within 24 hours.

It comes a day after Russia confirmed it was withdrawing from the area, though it explained that its actions were related to the "implementation of the special military operation" (as Moscow calls the war in Ukraine, which today entered its 201st day).

Unofficially: Izyum has Fallen. Officially: The Administration in Kharkiv confirmed the Capture of Kupyansk

Russian-language channels in Telegram exploded with news of the fall of Izyum. "Izyum surrendered", "Izyum fell" and "Izyum was surrendered" are the variants with which various groups announce the situation around the city, which is important for the outcome of the Kharkiv counter-offensive operation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (VSU).

Putin is just waiting...

Croatian military analyst from the Faculty of Political Sciences, Robert Bari says that attempts to seize Donetsk have stalled for the last seven days, after it seemed that the Russians would still have a greater advance towards Bakhmut.