Survey: Teenage girls much more affected by internet than boys

Ljubljana – Primary and secondary school girls are much more preoccupied and negatively affected by the internet and online content than boys, shows a survey carried out by the awareness centre. Girls are more likely to feel pressure, compare themselves with others, experience too little sleep or be affected by negative comments.

Some 40 girls saved from becoming child brides with help of neighborhood head

A local head in the southeastern province of Diyarbakır has saved 40 girls from becoming child brides after she installed a "wish box" in her town in which girls put their wishes - most of which said they did not want to get married off at such a young age.

Neutral Sexual Education at the Kindergarten in Stockholm

Children get the opportunity to define their gender themselves, writes BBC. 

From the moment a child is born, its gender pretty much determines how they will dress, which toys they'll be given and ultimately how they are meant to behave within society.

But some schools in Sweden are trying to strip away such gender norms.