Giurgiu County

TIR trucks waiting for 70 minutes to clear Giurgiu-Ruse border crossing point

TIR trucks trying to clear the Giurgiu-Ruse border crossing point out of Romania into Bulgaria were waiting in a line of about eight kilometres on the first lane of the DN 5 Bucharest-Giurgiu national road on Wednesday after-noon and they could be seen as far as Daia, with the waiting time for those who reached customs control being 70 minutes.

Four Electronic Vignettes Devices Installed at Danube Bridge in Rousse

Four electronic vignetting devices have been launched on 4th of January at the Danube Bridge border crossing at Rousse. Some drivers, however, have difficulty working with the new machines, which has led to further delays in traffic in the area.

Within 10 minutes, three drivers were unable to get an electronic vignette from the new devices installed yesterday.

Bulgaria and Romania Want 3rd Bridge Between the Countries

Bulgarians and Romanians call for building a second bridge between the citie of Russe and Giurgiu, which would be the 3rd link between Bulgaria and Romania over the Dunabe.

Representatives of state and local authorities of the two cities expressed the opinion at a working meeting.

The new bridge is imperative because of intense traffic that has doubled over the years.

Romanian Media Try to Hunt Down Trump Son

Romanian media outlets are desperately chasing one of US President Trump's sons, who has reportedly been spotted on a private hunting trip in the countryside.

The chase started on Wednesday after the mayor of the southern town of Giurgiu said one of the Trump sons might be on a hunting trip in Singureni, a large private domain, 40 kilometres from the capital, Bucharest.

Over 300 hectares of land flooded in Giurgiu county following heavy rains

As many as 186 hectares of pastures, 90 hectares of farmland and 30 hectares of forests were flooded in the southern Giurgiu county on Sunday, following the heavy rains.
According to Giurgiu Water Management Service, the submerged land is located in the rural towns of Vanatorii Mici, Bulbucata, Iepuresti and Bucsani.

Code Yellow alert of sleet, blizzard, snowfall for 28 counties, Bucharest included as of Sunday evening

The National Meteorology Administration (ANM) on Sunday issued Code Yellow alerts of blizzard, snowfall and sleet for 28 counties, Bucharest included in place starting 10 p.m. on Sunday till Tuesday at the same hour.

Construction of 2 New Bulgaria-Romania Bridges to Start by 2017

The construction of the two new bridges Silistra - Calarasi and Nikopol - Turnu Magurele will start by 2017, according to Bulgaria's caretaker Transport Minister Nikolina Angelkova.

Angelkova explained Friday that the deadlines had been included in the bilateral memorandum on building two new bridges over the Danube.