Hagia Sophia, Iznik

Restoration of Hagia Sophia sets example for world, says official

The restoration works being carried out using the most advanced techniques in Istanbul's landmark Hagia Sophia have set a clear example for the world to see a work of exceptional precision, keeping the cultural heritage of different beliefs and civilizations intact, the provincial director of culture and tourism has said.

Thousands of Muslim Turks gather in front of Hagia Sophia demanding to pray inside

Thousands of fanatic muslim Turks gathered outside the Hagia Sophia Church demanding it open for Muslim prayers, Saturday night. The protest, organised by a group calling itself ‘Young of Anatolia’, took place on the day commemorating the fall of Constantinople, which is expected to be celebrated in pompous style by the Erdogan government.

Hundreds call for Hagia Sophia to be converted into mosque in Istanbul rally

Hundreds of people demanded that the historic Istanbul Hagia Sophia museum be converted into a mosque during a rally in Istanbul on May 24.

People gathered outside Istanbul's Hagia Sophia, in the historical Sultanahmet district, with some carrying signs that read: "Hagia Sophia needs to be reopened as a mosque," and "Let our lives be sacrificed for Islam."