Hate crime

Türkiye welcomes Denmark move to ban acts against Quran


Türkiye has expressed its support for Denmark's recent move to combat disrespect towards holy books, particularly the Quran.

Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan welcomed the draft law presented in the Danish parliament aimed at preventing hate crimes and punishing perpetrators involved in attacks on sacred texts.

From the far-right to blind violence

The question remains, since there has been no convincing and honest answer: How is it possible that although members of Golden Dawn have been convicted on the first instance, the case is still under appeal? The murder of the rapper Pavlos Fyssas, which led to the authorities' crackdown on the neo-Nazi party and the charges against its leadership, occurred in 2013.

K-pop supergroup BTS ‘devastated’ by US hate crimes

South Korean K-pop sensations BTS didn't sing a word but in a White House visit on May 31 to meet President Joe Biden the supergroup's message against anti-Asian racism came loud and clear.

The seven stars joined White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre at the briefing room podium, a tiny, but a powerful stage.