The ten things women do in bed that men hate

You may think you’ve learned a thing or two about what the opposite sex enjoys in the bedroom.
But have you ever stopped to think about what they don’t like?
According to Femail’s sex and relationships expert Tracey Cox, there’s a whole host of things women do during sex that men can’t stand – and vice versa.

Rudest location names in Britain! (hilarious!)

Naming a place, location or village can be a pretty tough task if you’re starting from scratch.
You want it to be something memorable but not so ridiculous that it becomes a joke.
It’s doubtful that we’ll ever get asked to name a new town or even a little country lane, but even so we definitely wouldn’t settle on a name like Curry Mallet, Loose Bottom or New Invention.

Fake vs Real breasts! Where do you stand on this dilemma? (HOT PHOTOS)

Plastic surgery is doing miracles. It’s true!
These doctors have reached such levels of perfection that some claim it can be next to impossible to tell the difference between real boobs and a good boob job.
However, there are some people who -let’s just say- they prefer the natural side of life…

Wanda Nara: The hot wife of Inter’s Mauro Icardi! (SEXY PHOTOS)

Inter’s sticker Mauro Icardi is known for his skills in football.

However, we think that his wife Wanda Nara can easily draw the public’s attention on her and judging from the photos in her social media accounts, this may be exactly what she is trying to do!

Let’s see why…

(Click to enlarge)

Sexy Marta Mayer makes you appreciate the social media! (HOT PHOTOS)

Her name is Marta Mayer and at the age of 21 this half Russian, half German model -just like many models during Summer- she doesn’t miss a chance to show off what God has graced her with: Her sizzling hot perfect body!

Don’t you just love our age of technology that helps us share these images?

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Time capsule from 1995 discovered in an Australian bathroom – with eerie predictions that came true

Nostradamus has got nothing on this. 

22-years ago Greg Wilkinson probably didn’t consider himself to be one of the great seers of our lifetime, but he can certainly call himself that now.

Back in 1995, he wrote a letter, speculating on what might happen in the near future and buried it in a wall of a house in Sydney, Australia.