Golden Visa homes rented out

A total of 5.54 billion euros is estimated to have flowed into the real estate market and the economy in general through the Golden Visa program during its nearly 10 years of operation. Based on the latest data from the Migration Ministry, the total number of permanent investor permits issued (or to be issued in the coming months based on pending applications), amounts to 22,298.

Golden Visa threshold to be raised

The government is going to increase the 250,000-euro threshold for realty investment with the aim of obtaining a five-year residence permit, known as a Golden Visa, in the near future, with the aim on the one hand to contain demand and on the other to "deflate" the sale and rental prices of real estate. 

Facing the future and ourselves

Given the accumulated problems of many decades, Greece could not be in a better position than it is today. At home there is stability and relative quiet in relations with Turkey and other neighbors, while ties with our EU partners and allies are good. The region and the world are being shaken by insecurity, and this has an immediate effect on Greece, too.