International Monetary Fund

IMF: Turkey not seeking financial help amid coronavirus

While non-EU emerging countries in Central and Eastern Europe are seeking IMF assistance in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, neither Turkey nor Russia have done so, the director of the fund's European department said on March 31.

The IMF is now facing simultaneous requests for assistance from the largest number of countries in its history, Poul Thomsen stressed.

Editorial: Slingshot in lieu of a bazooka

The global economy is already sailing in the uncharted waters of the asymmetrical threat of the coronavirus.

In the last systemic threat, in 2012, then ECB chief Mario Draghi famously said that "whatever it takes" would be done.

That assurance alone was sufficient to quell the fears of investors and raised the bar for the handling of analogous future crises.

Editorial: An age of uncertainty

The markets despise uncertainty and that truth was reflected yesterday in the huge losses on stock market boards globally.

The reactions of investors are often exaggerated but this time they are not unfounded.

The coronavirus epidemic arose just as the global economy had reached a critical juncture.

LSE director: Don’t write globalization off just yet

Dame Minouche Shafik is one of the world's most distinguished academics. Born in Alexandria, Egypt, in 1962, Shafik went on to study at Amherst College, Massachusetts, the London School of Economics and St Antony's College, Oxford, and has since worked for some of the most prestigious global institutions.