International sanctions

Steps to block oil transfers off Greek coast

The government believes it has found a way to disrupt the sanctions-busting operations taking place off the southern coast of the Greek mainland that allow Russian oil exports.

The Hellenic Navy has issued a navigational guidance closing off the Laconian Gulf, off the southeastern coast of the Peloponnese, for naval exercises from May 1-9. 

Russia Finds Loopholes in Western Oil Sanctions, Boosts Fleet to Evade Restrictions

A recent report by a group of Western insurers has shed light on Russia's ability to circumvent Western oil sanctions, revealing that measures aimed at capping Russian oil prices have proven ineffective and have inadvertently fueled a surge in gray zone activities.

EU regulators seek views on extending temporary state aid rules for agricultural sector

The European Commission has asked EU countries for feedback on a limited extension of temporary state aid rules for the agricultural sector as it cited persisting market disturbances and following months of farmers' protests across the European Union.