International sanctions

Bulgaria’s Foreign Minister: EU may impose Embargo on Imports from Russia, our Government must make Tough Decisions

EU foreign ministers are discussing a sixth package of sanctions against Russia in Luxembourg today, including an embargo on oil and gas imports. Bulgaria is represented by Foreign Minister Teodora Genchovska.

For the first time: EU bans the import of Coal and Vodka from Russia

The EU Council today adopted the fifth package of sanctions against Russia - the most severe so far. They were imposed because of the war against Ukraine.

For the first time, a ban has been imposed on the import of coal from Russia, as well as on the entry of Russian-flagged ships into EU ports. The ban also affects Russia's import of vodka from the EU.

The EU will Start a Total Economic war Against Russia

The European Union will launch a total economic war against Russia. This was stated by the Minister of Finance of France Bruno Le Maire in an interview with France Info radio.

"We will launch a total economic and financial war against Russia," the minister said. "The Russian people will bear the consequences."