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"I'm speechless..." PHOTO / VIDEO

Namely, according to the Croatian portal, ui asked for help in the form of clothes and shoes two weeks ago, and yesterday at 4.30 pm a long line of people poured in to block traffic as they brought tons of things in bags and boxes of various sizes.
According to Jutarnji list, Martina was there, standing and crying.

Because of the Self-Isolation: A Baby Boom is Expected Next Year

Because of the self-isolation imposed by the authorities over the pandemic with the new virus, British experts expect a real baby boom to be observed in the UK early next year, the Daily Mail writes. Dr Sheri Jacobson, clinical director at Harley Therapy, a psychotherapy clinic in London, told the Times that there was a 'strong possibility; of a baby boom'.

Trust trumps fear

When the coronavirus emergency is over, the extent to which life will have changed will depend on the length of the disruption, the number of lives it took and the way each country and transnational organization dealt with the crisis.

The day after will depend on the level of trust that exists between citizen and state, between countries.

Survey: Europeans Have Become more Tolerant, Bulgarians Don't Accept the Different

Europeans have become more tolerant of different social groups, but not Bulgarians, Eurobarometer survey shows. According to it, Bulgarians are least inclined to elect a homosexual as a political leader. Only 18% of people living in Bulgaria would consider it normal for а premier to be gay. In comparison, this is quite normal for 98% of the Dutch.

Gallup Study: 48% of Bulgarians Believe "To A Certain Extent" in the Media

48% of Bulgarians believe "to a certain extent" in the media in Bulgaria, 30% say they do not believe them at all, 16% usually trust, the other 6% are hesitant, according to a new study by the global association "Gallup International" , conducted in 58 countries around the world with among nearly 60,000 respondents.