Iraq War

Iraq Gave Three Days to Kurdistan to Hand Over Control of Airports

Iraq gave a three-day deadline to Kurdistan to give control over its airports. The measure is a response to the Iraqi Kurdistan independence referendum, reports BTV. 

The government may ban international flights to the country within 72 hours if the sites are not handed over to the central government.

Baghdad Considers Iraqi Kurdistan as "Second Israel"

Iraq will not allow the creation of a "second Israel" in the northern parts of the country, the vice-president and former prime minister Nouri al-Maliki said, quoted by the Anatolian agency.

His speech came at a meeting with US Ambassador to Iraq Douglas Silimon and concerns the referendum on independence prepared by authorities in the Iraqi Kurdistan Autonomous Region.

Ten countries you didn’t know were at War (video)

Most of us know about the ongoing armed conflict in the Middle East at large, and more specifically in Syria and Iraq, or in the eastern provinces of the Ukraine. But technically speaking these are not considered wars in the legal sense. No recognised state has officially declared open war on any other in these two regions.

Victory for the liberal warmongers

Liberal warmongers lost the last U.S. election but have won the day! Finally, they have managed to get someone to strike Syria.That is not to say that President Donald Trump is a man of peace. Besides, his foreign policy vision is full of contradictions; on one hand, he promised no more U.S.

Albania to Send Troops to Fight ISIS in Iraq

Albanian troops will set foot in Iraq again, nine years after their last operations there ceased, as part of global anti-ISIS voluntary operations in response to a request of the US government.

The initiative was announced on Monday by the Albanian Defence Minister, Mimi Kodheli, during a hearing with a parliamentary commission.