Israeli–Palestinian peace process

Palestinians eye UN membership vote in April

The Palestinian delegation to the United Nations is pushing for a vote to be recognized as a full member state next month, Ambassador Riyad Mansour has said, a move opposed by the United States.

"We are seeking admission. That is our natural and legal right," Mansour said, adding that he was pushing for an April 18 vote at the Security Council.

China Advocates UN Membership for Palestine Amid Gaza Conflict

China has voiced robust backing for Palestine amidst the ongoing conflict with Israel in Gaza, condemning it as a "tragedy for humanity" and a "disgrace for civilization." Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi underscored the importance of Palestine attaining full membership in the United Nations, urging immediate efforts to secure a ceasefire.

Netanyahu Asserts Israel's Continued Control Over Palestinian Territories

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a decisive statement yesterday, indicating Israel's intention to maintain full military control over all Palestinian territories, even in the event of a two-state solution. Quoted by DPA, Netanyahu's assertion underscores a firm stance on Israel's military presence in regions including the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

France Considers Recognizing Palestinian Statehood: Macron Signals Shift

French President Emmanuel Macron has signaled a significant shift in France's stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, stating that recognizing a Palestinian state is no longer off the table. Macron's comments, made on Friday, suggest that Paris may proceed with such recognition if efforts to establish two states through negotiations stall due to Israeli opposition.

The Great Betrayal: Hamastan is being created?

Fears that the Biden administration's bearish embrace of embattled Israel could "swallow" Israel alive have dramatically intensified this week, JNS writes.
On Wednesday, US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said the administration is "actively pursuing the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with real security guarantees for Israel."