Jarše District

BTC City Ljubljana - Shop, eat, explore

Over 450 shops and 10,000 brands

When it comes to shopping, BTC City offers world-famous fashion stores and brands, a wide selection of sports gear and equipment, shops for children, and a variety of small shops, BTC City's mecca of all sorts of trendy and niche products for your friends back home or a nice souvenir for yourself.

Shopping Arena A

Food Bluz: Flavours of Slovenia and the world

Each and every day, visitors of BTC City Ljubljana can enjoy not only local dishes but also immerse themselves in the adventurous flavours of cuisines from all over the world. They can stop for a quick snack while ticking off items on their to-do lists, or treat themselves to a delectable experience à la carte in one of the selected restaurants.

Growth of "blockchain" community in BTC City Ljubljana

The trend has continued with new blockchain tenants in the BTC City Ljubljana with European Blockchain Hub as being one of the most recent tenants in the field. BTC City Ljubljana will continue to strengthen and expand the blockchain community and other stakeholders who are seeking opportunities in the sequencing technology of data blocks.