Joe Biden

Instagram’s uneasy rise as a news site

On a recent Wednesday in New York City, Mosheh Oinounou, a former producer for CBS, Bloomberg News and Fox News, swiped through Instagram. He had started his morning reading major newspapers and more than a dozen newsletters. Then he spent much of the day turning many of the articles into posts on his Instagram account, under the handle Mo News.

The dark prognosis of a man who predicted the war in Ukraine and Gaza; "Catastrophe"

In an interview with the Swiss newspaper Neue Zrcher Zeitung, speaking about the choice between Joseph Biden and Donald Trump in the January elections and the question of who is better for the USA and the West, he said that American voters are facing a difficult decision.

Biden on Putin: That Crazy SOB!

During a campaign fundraiser in San Francisco, US President Joe Biden referred to Russian President Vladimir Putin as "that crazy son of a b**ch," (SOB) reported Reuters.

Biden emphasized the ongoing nuclear threat but highlighted climate change as the most significant danger to humanity.

Politico: After the fall of Avdiivka, the West must prevent the collapse of Ukraine

This is written by the American publication Politico, referring to some congressmen and officials.
"Now the plan, as eight US lawmakers and five foreign officials have stated or complained in interviews, is simply to prevent the collapse of the Ukrainian military, Politico reports.

US: One Killed, 22 Injured in Shooting After Super Bowl Parade

Kansas City, Missouri, was marred by tragedy as a local radio DJ, Lisa Lopez-Galvan, lost her life in a shooting incident following the celebratory Super Bowl parade. Confirmed by KKFI radio station and reported by People magazine, Lopez-Galvan, a mother of two, fell victim to the violence, leaving behind a devastated community.