Klaus Iohannis

President Iohannis reconfirms in Brussels Romania's firm support for the Eastern Partnership

President Klaus Iohannis participated on Thursday and Friday in the meeting of the European Council in Brussels, context in which he presented the results of the Romanian Presidency at the EU Council and reconfirmed Romania's firm support for the Eastern Partnership.

President Iohannis says Romania fares better than expected holding EU Council Presidency

President Klaus Iohannis said on Friday that the Romanian Presidency at the Council of the European Union concluded 90 legislative files, showing that most people expected Romania to be in between somewhere. "I don't know if it is good to speak about a legacy, you cannot create a legacy in six months, that's an illusion. But you can do a decent work in six months.

President Iohannis calls digitisation challenge, opportunity to overcome time, space barriers

Digitisation is a challenge and also an opportunity to overcome the barriers of time and space, President Klaus Iohannis said on Friday at the Conference of Ministers for Higher Education in Francophone Countries hosted by Parliament Palace in Bucharest. The president's message was read out by the presidential adviser Sergiu Nistor.

PNL's Orban: Iohannis as head of European Council would offer Romania many opportunities

Liberal leader Ludovic Orban on Thursday night stated in reference to the possibility for Klaus Iohannis be elected president of the European Council, that he wishes for the latter to be the PNL candidate to Romania's presidency, yet on the other hand, Klaus Iohannis would have the opportunity "to help Romania very much from this position" (of president of the European Council, ed. n.).

President Iohannis calls excellent Romanian EU Council presidency

Romania's presidency of EU Council was excellent, as the number of successfully closed files was very high, President Klaus Iohannis said on Thursday before a European Council meeting in Brussels. "The results we have achieved are excellent. Meanwhile, everyone has realised that.

Senate's Tariceanu endorses introduction of voting system by legislative means that can provide more possibilities

Senate President Calin Popescu-Tariceanu endorses the introduction of a voting system by legislative means that can provide a set of possibilities for the citizens and, in this regard, a parliamentary committee will start working as of Thursday.

President urges gov't to fast track bill on appropriate administrative measures for elections

President Klaus Iohannis on Wednesday urged the government to fast track a bill that could be adopted by Parliament by the end of the current parliamentary session and that could set forth "appropriate electoral administrative measures," starting with the presidential election this year.

Iohannis-Barr meeting: Barr underscores Romania remaining ally respecting rule of law

President Klaus Iohannis on Tuesday welcomed to the Cotroceni Presidential Palace US Attorney General William Barr, with the latter underscoring the importance of Romania remaining a predictable, stable and accountable ally that promotes democratic values and the rule of law.

Iohannis: PSD refuses to sign National Political Agreement, but list remains open

President Klaus Iohannis said on Thursday that the Social Democratic Party (PSD, major at rule, ed.n.) by its answers in the media, refused to sign the National Political Agreement to strengthen Romania's European path, saying that the Social Democrats "had more amendments than articles" to this pact.